I'm bored

Hey guys, as I countdown till the end of the day for my IF subscription to end up, I’ve gotten a little bored. I don’t know what to do or what route to fly. I’m currently doing a small flight from LQBK to LWOH. Any interesting flight suggestions that I can do? (Short haul)


Try and get a group of people and try and do some military action! e.g formation and refuelling!. That’s great fun!!


Come to where the action is at. Make your last day worth it! Also try out Lukla. Super risking and dangerous airport.


Ooh! That sounds fun! But wouldn’t that be an event?

Have you flown to VNLK? (Tenzing-Hillary)

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Oh, so many times. I’ve been to VQPR, VNLk, VNKT, but eh, they got boring

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You can do it as a small event or if you are on disocrd or slack and you have contact with people try and asked them and have some fun!

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To be honest, I wanna fly on the expert server, but there doesn’t really seem to be a lot of action…

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Today there is a lot of action here. We are in the US today with airports like KLAS, etc.

Oh really? I might have not checked thoroughly enough…

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Servers don’t mean much…The only difference between expert and casual is, it’s taken much more seriously and IFATC can ghost

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Well, are any of you guys flying or would like to fly with me now?

Try following Tyler’s IFATC Schedule. Plan a Real Life route via Flightradar24. In that case, a route from KBWI (Baltimore) to KMDW (Midway-Chicago) with any Southwest Airline is Recommended.

Use FPLtoIF.com as your Flightplanner. Use the Simbrief section.

Yeah I’m willing to do something quick with you!

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Yeah, but I don’t really want to do a serious flight if you know what I mean. 'm just bored and would like to fly with some action!

Awesome! Thanks! Anyone else would like to join us?

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Should I make a seperate thread for our group flight?

Well, that’s not a serious flight. But anyways. If you want a little more fun, you can do something interesting.

  • @George_Anastasis and you should try and escort some random aircrafts with an F-22.

  • You can fly away with the TBM-930, making a scenic route in new places around the world.


Can pm me!

Here is this weeks IFATC schedule.
Happy flying!