I'm bored in Vienna help

Sooooo I’m in Vienna right now its 20:13 AM here what’s some fun stuff I can do.

There’s always one thing I like to do when I’m bored.


Planespot from the terminal.

you could use a simple google search

Too much work my guy

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Also are you in the airport?

Did that it’s dark outside its night

Yes I got a connection to JFK

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Ah. You could eat, sleep, wonder around

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The Austrian flight to JFK normally doesn’t get in until the afternoon EDT…How long are you waiting there?? 🤨

Yes but its night I bought some stuff,

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I’m here until 10:45 AM August 21 it is 12:17AM August 21

Sleep my guy.

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Nah my guy not feeling it, All nighter here we come

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Wow that’s a long time…I would definitely try to take a small nap at least, read a book, some magazines, anything to keep you occupied. Just don’t sleep for the whole time because you want to be at least a little tired so you can sleep some during your flight.

This just confuses me.


I’v been here since 3pm European time (Dont know the time zone)

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12:13 AM my mistake

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You can always go plane spotting, eat a snack, or sleep.

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Did plane spot ate, Dont feel like sleeping