Im being reported by atc manoel g

In june 7 2019 at 13.38 utc in expert server im on approach to rwy 36 R at kmrn then im being reported by atc name manoel g . im being reported he said due to failure to instrument approach meanwhile at that time im under his intruction to ceritain direction and altitude until established on localizer…and waiting for further inatruction and then suddenly manoel report me now im downgraded to grade 2 and no longer can join expert server…i want to know why…

Can the atc explain what is the failure

Contact @MannyG via PM, and he’ll get back to you when he can.


OK already sent a pm to him…thanks

Please refrain from making a topic about it if you already messaged them. It accomplishes nothing since only the controller knows why they ghosted you. Thanks!