im back

Hey guys. I’ve taken a massive break from Infinite Flight (which some of you may of noticed) and now I’ve seen the recent updates I’m raring to go and I’ll be getting a sub soon for Christmas, I’m raring to get flying again and fly with the communtity and merry christmas to all!


I flew with you on your last event! Welcome back buddy!

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Yes I remember, and thanks!

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Well hello there!
First of all, happy holidays/Christmas!
Great to see you back on here!

Thanks a lot mate, merry christmas to you too!

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Hey back! Welcome back, I’m a returning player as well, especially after seeing the new updates, believe me the pro sub is worth it! See you in the infinite skies!



Welcome back, you’ll also see many changes to IF. Hope you enjoy

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Thanks and merry Christmas


Yes, I hope they live up to my expectations

Lol I need to get the app back first
Edit: nice app cover!

Welcome back! Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 🎄🎉