Im back on the forum! Got 1 or 2 questions tho

Hey guys! I’m back on the forum after a break from IF, and the forum!! Few things to say.
1: thanks sm IF for the EI 757 livery!!!
2: how can I get back to grade 3 after being booted back down to the casual server?
3: man this sim is good!!!
Thanks guys!

You can to re-earn your 90 day landing count and flight time back as shown on your grade table.

Yes, we know ;)


@Kamryn so do I need to wait another 90 days?

Nope, you just need to get these 2 to the requirements. It decreases if you are inactive.

Ohhh ok. So basicly just a few overnights and I’m set? Also grade 5, damn😂

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Depends, for example, Grade 5 90 day requirements are 180 landings per 90 days.

If I did 10 landings in one day, 90 days after that day, it will lose count by 10

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Okie, thanks!

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