I'm back from my holiday & have some things to say about SAS

Some time ago I posted here asking some questions about SAS, I didn’t get a clear answer but turns out I didn’t need it. I flew IAD-CPH-ALA & back. The 4 flights I took almost blew my mind. The seat pitch was good, Entertainment was cool, food was above average. The aircraft were A330s & A320NEOs, which sounded like washing machine when Starting up. An awesome first for me was that on the short legs we got to walk on the ramp & board at the rear! The A330s are in a 2-4-2 configuration, the problem is that the seats slide forward when reclining. Other than that I very much enjoyed my experience on SAS.


Doesn’t that make it so you still have the normal legroom if the person in front of you reclines?

Sounds amazing! Did you get any photos?


Reclinig encroaches on arm room. Yes I have photos but their on my mom’s camera.

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Glad to hear that you enjoyed SAS!
SAS on longhaul, is amazing, the cabin is somewhat brand new, and i find the service to be very good. In my opinion they´re the best airline to fly from Europe to the US and vice versa.

Glad you enjoyed it! It´s my favorite airline.


Sas is pretty good I have flown with them on their 737s would love to try their long haul product.

So you can’t hurt the person behind’s legs? TBH if you want to recline you’re the one who gotta pay.


😂 One interesting thing about the cabins was the seats seemed like they were woven instead of the leather found on alirlines like Southwest.

Scandinavian Airlines never fail to make their passengers impressed. I was amazed when I saw one of TRs regarding their A320neo. Their service is among the best in Europe imho. I’m looking forward to fly with them in the future. Thanks alot for your opinion and testimony regarding SAS 😆

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