I'm Back... and now some A10 shots

Hey everyone

Its… been a while since I’ve posted here simply due to my lack of energy to do so with school… but I’ve still made plenty of flights. now today, with the request from my friend… I’ll being sharing some pics of his favorite plane irl in IF… ENJOY!!

Flight Information
Server – Solo
Routes – nil
Flight time – nil
Aircraft – A10
Callsign – CRAZY-12
Cruise – nil

I don’t have to much of a description… just the beautiful fog in British Columbia, Canada

Ahh, Yes…

Ohh and this one… very nice…

mhmm, sunset landing… yes

Oop… and now we are in Oman…

Ooh… Aah…

Quickly turning away from a mountain… nice photographer who took this pic. * Cough Cough * me…

Oh… and now we are inside… Yes, Good, I like…

Now we’ve climbed out… how nice…

NOW THIS ONE… hmmhmhmh… my favorite for last… unedited, simply cropped.

Thanks for coming to look at these pics and A10 go Brrrrrt! Here is Insta where you can see some other images I can’t share here at CrazyMinecart12

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I definitely recommend checking out my previous post, there are lots of nice pictures and please feel free to comment below what you thought about this flight or post.

Until next-time, See ya


You were active 6 days ago…

Good shots either way but that’s not a while 😂

Hey that’s still 144 hours 😂😂

Anyways nice shots love the A-10 except that it can be slow at times

Ooh… I meant its been a while since I’ve actualy created a topic
haha… nvm

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Hmm, alright.

Awesome shots!

Almost got the Loading Screen ;)

If you would have banked 1 or 2 more degrees.

I love this one!

Cough Cough doesn’t sound familiar at all Cough Cough

mmmmmm Something in my throat.

Back on topic :)

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Awesome pics! Great job!

I love your use of the English language 😉

Your pictures are fantastic as well!


A10 in IF: Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrttt.

I wish we could fire the gun (blanks)

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