I'm angry and cancel my subscription

I have to vent my anger here. After being in the hospital for the last 4 weeks and not being able to play, I’m completely fine. dropped back to level 1. Now I have to do the whole thing all over again to be able to fly with other people. This is really getting on my nerves.

Because of my work, I may not be able to play again for a long time next month. If I continue then I have to do everything again from the beginning. This absolutely annoys me. And I don’t do it either. I’m going to cancel my subscription and be out. .



Hello there - welcome back to the Community!

You are in luck!

In the upcoming 24.2 update - the 90 day requirements for Grades 1-3 are being removed. So if you have been Grade 3 in the past, you will return to Grade 3 once the update has been released!


Also I hope your recovery is going well!

Best wishes.


Relax, you just got out of a 4 week stay in the hospital. Your first priority shouldn’t be anger because of your pilot grade in a mobile game - health is more important. Hope you have a speedy recovery and enjoy the new grade changes coming in the next update.


That’s right. I’m sure that for one month in the hospital the first thing on your mind were not your flying skills on a virtual flight simulator. If you got a violation on expert that’s semi-permanent, how would you feel? At the end of the day, it’s your stats that are being protected.


Tbh if I went to the hospital for a month I’d be mad I lost my grade too 😂


Same which is why I take my iPad with me every where and when I’m hospitalized which happens to me a lot because of my physical disability and other issues to personal for here I just ask my parents to bring my iPad