Im always demoted from grade 3 to grade 2

Operating system:
Hello im having problems with my grades i was just flying in the training server then when i end flight i got demoted to grade 2 this happned to me 2x the other one is from the expert server i stalled mid air then i got demoted but this time i got demoted cuz i flew in the training server im kinda confused why i got demoted please anyone help me?.

This is my screen shot of the grade table thanks!

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Hey! It appears you need to lose just one Level 1 violation to regain grade 3 back. To do this, simply just wait a few days, or however long it takes!

It takes 1 week for a Level 1 violation to expire

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Well, he might have a level one violation from 5 days ago. Therefore he has to wait only 2 days for it to expire.

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Would also recommend watching the Infinite Flight made airplane and flying tutorials on Youtube!

I recommend a rigorous and intensive flight school course such as Sporty’s, Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, ATP Flight School, etc. Each of these outstanding schools provides excellent instruction in the art of flying. They each boast a proud history of producing some of the finest aviators in the history of the world.

Once you earn your ratings, pass all of your checkrides, and acquire your different levels of pilot certificates, the IF system may consider the possibility of promoting you to Grade 3. All it takes is a measly ~2–5 years of intense study and a fair amount of money.


@XplayGamingFlying Welcome to the community!

As others mentioned you are 1 violation over for the 7 day limit for level 1 violations:

The number 6 will go back down again after 7 days from the violation.

You also mentioned:

If you stalled, it probably ended with a speed violation (or extreme maneuver near an airport - aerobatics). Both ground and airspeed limits (and airport extreme maneuver restrictions) apply to both Training Server and Expert Server.

Only Casual Server is free from assigning these violations.

You should be back to Grade 3 before long (the landing, flight time and XP numbers you earned never go away).

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Yup. Just need to wait a couple of days and we shall see you in the expert server!

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