I'm already getting tired of this problem

Hello everyone! I hope you are having a good day. I’ll tell you a little bit about what just happened to me haha, I was doing the route from Los Angeles (KLAX) to Hong Kong (VHHH). The whole flight went smoothly for 14h30m, then at the final of the runway 07R already with clearance to land and everything ready for the landing… Oh! Surprise. the game crash 😂.


Yeah, I feel you, it happen to me all the time.

what is your graphic, airplane count?

Mostly I fly with everything in hight, but in this flight being a long distance flight I decided to put the graphics in the middle and the number of planes in low to “avoid crash”. I rebooted my device before the flight, I use an iPhone 13.

It’s a problem that really has me a bit frustrated, it’s something that has become very frequent in many users besides me…

Yeah I understand but for me, when I put all high on a busy airspace, it always crash so I decided to put absolutely everything on low and I never crashed in this config. But I’m a bit stupid so I always put all on high and 1/10 flights crash and most of them are long haul 😂

Have a good day and I hope for less crash in the future 🙏

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Try putting 3d object density to medium and airplane count to low.

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I used to experience game crash problems, but I changed a few things which have helped massively so far.
For example:
Changed all settings to medium, nothing on high, everything in medium. Keep in mind, my fps is still 60 and anti aliasing is still on. Honestly, after a while, the graphics change isn’t really noticeable.
Restart my device before every flight, this is quite self explanatory, just before every flight, especially flights to busy airports, restart your device.
Delete all replays regularly. I’ve been deleting all of my replays every few days, it saves up space so it is quite useful.
Finally, clear your scenery cache regularly. I usually do it before every flight, and if I am landing at a busy airport, I clear it once again just before my top of descent.
I recommend you give these a try and see how it goes!
Sorry for the long paragraph haha, anyway, try these and tell me what happens :)

Bro i was doing hong kong to munich and i was sleeping because i was doing it in the night and after 8 hours my flight casually tured off or idk what happend i play on the latest ipad aswell but i could have been a server upgrade

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