I'm Actually Trash At Night Spotting - Bristol Spotting 26/01/24

Spotting @ EGGD 26/01/24, RWY 27

Stole your title Andrew.

My first spotting of the year, and my first attempt at might spotting. Crop sensor, known issue. 90D not good night camera. Am saving up for a 6Dii as a result of this…

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G-UZHX, Airbus A320-251Neo, easyJet

EZY2960 from Belfast

EI-FAV, ATR 72-600, Aer Lingus Regional

EAI86RD from Dublin

G-EZWU, Airbus A320-214, easyJet

EZY93FB from Toulouse

G-JZHL, Boeing 737-8MG, Jet2

EXS87RD from Lanzarote

EI-EMN, Boeing 737-8AS, Ryanair

RYR578A from Krakow

EI-FAV, ATR 72-600, Aer Lingus Regional

EAI87BR to Dublin

G-EZWR, A320-251 Neo, easyJet

EZY13PB to Newcastle

G-EZWU, Airbus A320-214, easyJet

EZY649H to Belfast

G-JZBU, Boeing 737-85P, Jet2

EXS18QH from Antalya

G-JZHK, Boeing 737-8MG, Jet2

LS1806 to Alicante

EI-DPN, Boeing 737-8AS, Ryanair

RYR776k from Porto

EI-DPN, Boeing 737-8AS, Ryanair

RYR776k from Porto

Gear Used:

Canon EOS 90D
Canon EF L 70-200mm IS USM F4
Canon EF L 24-105mm IS USM F4
EF Extender 1.4x III

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It’s pretty dark at night huh


cannot relate, as I am actually insane at night spotting


I agree with Mr. Wu

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me when I spotter dan

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My night spotting is next level



Yeah Dan these photos suck, you should quit

i agree, polluting the forum with these mid photos smh my head


you are 2 photos over the limit 👆🤓

would expect regulars to know the limitations 😔

you can take a look at the rules here

Hi Dan, have you ever considered just being better at night spotting? It would help you in the future.

Thanks :)

We’re not gonna tell how to be better. That would be cheating. We’re just tell you to do better 😉

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It builds character

Yeah go ahead and hang up the camera for me. There is no coming back from this.

Nice shots, looks dark

it tends to be dark at night

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Good point 😤

Me when I DarkspoulYT

Incredible, are you a professional?

I was considering getting a 4000D for my night spotting, thoughts?

My pleasure

Thanks for your kind words, literally didn’t ask

Man, that’s where I was going wrong!

You can’t tell the best how to be better 😎😎😎

It’s a car wreck of a topic 😥

Kinda crazy because it was middle of the day. High shutter speed?



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On a scale of 1 to 10, define professional

Probably could’ve gone without this part

@Dan_77 these photos look great! However, may you remove 2 photos please to be in compliance with the category rules plz?