I'm about to try my longest nonstop flight

Not sure if this is the correct category to put this in as i rarely, if ever make a post on here, however i feel this is noteworthy.

I’m about to hop on to expert server to try my longest Infinite Flight…flight… Direct from my hometown airport KSFO ill be taking a Boeing livery 77L to FMEE. This flightplan is so long that the fpltoif website cant load in a flight plan. I have to make a manual flight plan using navigraph, and even then the flightplan doesnt fit the whole screen. It is taking me to the east over Canada, Greenland, north of Iceland, into Europe, and the Middle East. No idea how long this will take so im just going to fill’er up with fuel with no pax or cargo and fly. If you want to track me my callsign will be “Boeing 001X Heavy”


It’s possible, even with full cargo and pax. I’ve flown the 77L from FMEE to KLAX with full pax and cargo. KSFO to FMEE will take about 20 hours.


what do you reccomend for FL? im thinking on starting at FL260

Step climb. I’ve climbed a few times starting at fl310 - fl330 - fl350 - fl370 - fl390. If step climb isn’t possible I would recommend fl310.

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i plan to step climb. im going to start off low and see how my fuel burn doesnt and gradually increase

ill make sure to provide screenshots at the end

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and escorts are welcome

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scrambles fighter jets

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I’ll be looking forward to this in #screenshots-and-videos ;)

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Well my app dun crashed

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oh, well. I think we have all been there!

Don’t start that low. Always start above FL300 on wide body airplanes. Anyways, have a nice flight! My longest flight was almost 24 hours long from EIDW-NZCH.

Well the app crashed so its done now, i started at FL290 but only for about 10nm because the aircraft was lighter than anticipated. By the time the app crashed i made it up to 370 just south of Finland

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Damn even my app just crashed😅 Is something going on in IF?

Nice flight! I’ve flown from NZAA to EIDW also around 24 hours. EIDW has a short runway so you can’t takeoff full loaded.

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If you really want to push the limits of maximum flight time, I’d recommend using the B77E instead of the B77L. It has a slightly longer range, and coming from experience- It can fly for over 31 hours straight.

Hope that helps, Matt W. - Avelo Air Virtual CEO

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The 77L has the same fuel capacity as the 777-300ER and it’s smaller so it uses less fuel so I don’t know how you flew the 77E longer than the 77L😅

Try again next week

Good luck! My longest was about 14 hours from HKG-EWR when Cathay still came here.

I’d try the A350. I’ve flown 24 hours from EIDW-NTAA with it before. Stayed at FL330 the whole way.