I'm a Newbie!

Hello! - So I’m Ahmaaddh and I’m from Pakistan/Denmark - I just bought infinite flight and pro! And I was hoping that there was anyone who could help me, like giving me tips, how to make a flight plan, how to takeoff and land and how to use AP and APP and what trim means, how I use it? - it would help me so much!!!
I hope you guys have a blessed day!


Hi! Welcome to the community, for helpful tips and guides please refer to Infinite Flight’s user guide and also some tutorials on their YouTube channel. In this community topics like this aren’t technically ‘useful’ so they shouldn’t be made! Have fun in IF and I hope this was helpful!

Some links below may help:



Welcome to the community! You can use the user guide that will help a lot! (It’s on the top right next to the search bar)

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Hello, welcome to the community, we are really glad to have you! Please see these links to help get you started on your IF journey:


Hello, a good way to file a flight plan is a website called FPL to infinite flight, it is what most of the VA’s use for their pilots

Hi there, welcome to the IFC! Basically, you can find all sorts of tutorials in the User Guide section (shown below).

If you have any questions, all of us are happy to help! Enjoy IF!!

First tip from me, Don’t over weight an aircraft and climb rapidly after takeoff. I can give you more tips if I know what airplanes you will be flying.

Welcome to IFC!

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The planes I’ve been flying lately are the A320, 757, A319, 787, A330, and 737. I can help with tips for those airplanes.

I think enough tips have been left, so I’ll just say welcome and enjoy your stay!

Welcome to the community! Hope you enjoy your time here. A lot of excellent resources have already been posted, so I’m just gonna say welcome, and looking forward to seeing you in the virtual skies!

Welcome to the community! Enjoy your time here! You can also check out the official Infinite Flight YouTube account for some visual tutorials:

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Your welcome friend. Well let’s see do not take literal steps as in conventional follow your own instincts with the trim because it determines which way the nose of the aircraft is going slightly. UP or DOWN. Flaps should be on 15 degrees during a rough take of on a windy day and full extent 35-45 degrees during landing and spoilers should be engaged once your on final and Armed for touchdown then reverse thrusters to slow the aircraft down then you can engage the brakes with out damaging them then clear the run way for you no not if there is another aircraft landing behind you or crossing your runway.

And don’t forget to use the landing gear as drag when your on approach and communication with Air Traffic Control or ATC is highly important so practice it on the casual server

And to add to what @Levet said, dont forget to check out Infinite Flight youtube channel for possibly all the tutorials u will need :)

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Apart from viewing tutorials, the most important thing is to actually do some full flights yourself. Don’t be afraid of mistakes, they help you improve faster.

Welcome to the community!

Welcome to the community and to IF pro!

You’re in store for some really amazing things especially with the release of 21.1 around the corner, as you can already see, there is an amazing forum-community group who is eager to help!

Hope you enjoy your time here, happy flying!

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