I'm a little curious

what is your best Route? and what flight time?

mine is WSSS-EGCC-KIAH about 22 hours by way.

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in my opinion there is no best route. I think there are so many and infinite possibilities that you really can’t pick one. But any flight in a mountain approach I like. So Kathmandu or something like that

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787 and 737

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My longest was This past summer.

Auckland NZ - London England
A350-900LR Carbon Livery
Flight if I remember correctly was 21hrs 45 minutes
Left at 6pm and landed at 3:45 the next afternoon


For reference, the a350 has a range of 9,500 NM and 22.19 when full of fuel

I had 35 minutes left of fuel and traveled 9,467 when I landed at Heathrow

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