I'm a-Lauda fly where I want

Hey up [1]

I completed a flight from EDDN to LEPA today on the training server. It was my first time flying the Lauda livery since it was released. Personally I think it looks pretty cool. The flight itself took 2 hours 6 minutes with a total distance of 694NM. Is it me or do you love flying in real time?

At the gate. Not much else to say really. 🕵️‍♂️ “As ever, Watson, you see but you do not observe” [2] Ok so it has engines, wings and all.

Flying above Heilbronn

Climbing to 37,000ft


Thanks for stopping by as always

Bonus Picture

Just went to the replay and took this screenshot with more daylight

  1. I’m not apologising for the title 😁 ↩︎

  2. A quote from Sherlock Holmes ↩︎


Lovely post!
I am lucky, that i’ve flew with this plane from Niederrhein to Zagreb! Nice livery!

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Nice! I wonder how you used the three dots

Thank you. I like the simplicity of the livery :)