Im a good pilot, i promise

I had some spare time, so I thought “let’s go do some patterns!” So I went to OTHH and ended up landing without gear…
sorry to whoever that controller was…

“Please check the forum on guides using atc instructions”

Not that easy when you are stuck…

I know, everyone makes mistakes and lucky for me I left before I got any violations :)

What was most scary was they this was on ES…

image image image image image image image

Came to a halt at the end :)

Sadly non of the other planes rendered so we can look from their perspective

if anyone knows the controller, feel free to tag him


Got a question. Why are you doing patterns in a plane made for commercial flights


Because it is boring in GA aircrafts, I’ve done patterns in the A321, A330, 737 and 777


I was the controller, we all make mistakes so don’t worry. Good thing is that you left few seconds after which means you didn’t have a conflict with other aircrats.
Next time remember to put your gear down :)


I have forgotten gear a few times, luckily not when landing at IFATC airports… yet

Most of them had been good landings too

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But hey! You can only land on no landing gear with a greasy landing or else you’ll crash!

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Butter* not greasy

Yeah, it was really smooth

I’ve forgotten the gear right in front of several pilots and ATC at LSZH. As soon as I realized, I was so embarassed and ended my flight immediately

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I saw you this morning stuck in the air.

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morning 😂😂😂 it was right before dinner

I’m in Texas and at 5:00am I saw a Cathay Pacific 77-300ER stuck in the air for 3 minutes.

this was at

so probably not me ;)
i was using Callsign SANDW1CH and my name is IFC Jens Severin

I saw it at OTHH.

then it might be me 😂, can you get any screenshots?

Haha this made me laugh 😂 Don’t worry buddy we all make mistakes… I once landed like that on casual server when I first started on IF. It was terrible lol ever since I always run a landing check list before final approach like you would in the real world. Fly safe and remember your landing gear!

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its ok i did that during a test so yea…

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I landed without gear at Dubai once, during a FNF on Expert server…

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Because why not? It’s by far the best way to get comfortable, and big planes do patterns all the time.

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Try doing them in a 747 or 380. Heh heh heh. Not saying that I am good at it, butttttt… I am good at it.

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