Ilyushin IL-86

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Ilyushin il-86

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The Ilyushin il-86 was considered the first Soviet wide body airliner, taking its first flight in the late 70s, with a life at airlines until 2011. There are still 4 special IL86 operating today for the Russian ministry of defence.

Some History:
Back in the 50s and 60s, you would expect small airports with a small airfield and small piston engine planes, or some new jet planes.
Jetways and even stairways didn’t exist back then, you had to walk to your plane.
In the 60s, demand for travelling raised high up, now here’s the problem:
Back then you only had small runways and also small gates, which means that due to the demand you would need more planes, and because of this the runways and gates would be full and you would wait a loooooong time for your takeoff permission.
Solution? Bigger planes.
The US were the first to build a wide body airliners, such as DC-10, L-1011 and of course the 747.
Airlines were also growing, and that’s how airports grew over the time.
In Russia you would either have a small dirt strip or only some asphalt runways back in the 40s and mid 40s. Then paved runways and concrete runways started to get built all over the world, in Russia too, but the the gates were still small.

The Boeing 747 was a real nightmare for airports back then, and the widebody’s too.
In Russia the runways would be smaller than in the west, so you would need to have a small takeoff weight. The tupolev tu154 was really scary for airports back then with its 100 tons, but the il-86 was also a nightmare, because it was twice the weight of the tu154 the engineers build a middle gear, like on the DC-10 and MD11
Ground crew? Jetways? Forget it, we’re in 60s ussr, now since the il86 had to carry a lot of passengers and there were no jetways or stairs for it, the engineers built deployable stairs in the belly of the airplane and if you couldn’t hold your luggage anymore you would put it on a tape into the cargo hold, which was under the cabin. It was a self loading system with 3 stairs
where passengers could board quickly into the cabin.

The plane first flew in 1976 with airline orders in 1979. After the collapse of the ussr in 1991 the prefix of the planes were changed from CCCP- to RA-. Aeroflot used the il86 until 2006 and other airlines until 2011. Since then it flies for the Russian ministry of defence. Although its development was announced in 1969 and 1971 On the Paris air show, the building was delayed by many years.


The il86 was the basic variant of the plane.
The il86W was a prototype with 450 passengers that was tested in 1985.
The il-80/86/87 were special planes built incase of a nuclear war.
The il-86D was a testing variant for the il-96, its successor.

In its service, at least 10 crashes happened, with 2 deadly ones, which makes it’s an okay safety record
One happened due to a 737-200 making 5 touch and go’s and in the 6th one the 737 gone off the runway and exploded. The debris of the 737 hit the il-86 and a fire happened.
The 2nd crash was when the il-86 stalled short after takeoff. (Pulkovo 9560)

The competitions of the il-86 are the 747, a340, a300, a310, dc10 and md11.
The aircrafts that was most technically similar to the il-86 were the a310 and a300. The planes that was the most visual similar to the il-86 were the il-96 and a340. The a300 was built at the same time, had the same range and was retired as a passenger plane at the same time.

Technical data:
The cockpit of the il-86 were 2 pilots and 1 flight engineer. The cockpit was similar to the DC-10.
Passenger capacity: 234 passengers in 3 classes, max 350. The il-86W could seat up to 450 passengers.
MTOW: 206 tonnes
Cruise speed: 900 KMH (88 KMH slower than the 747-8)
Max speed: 950 KMH
Range: 5000 KM (3500 KM with max payload)
Engines: 4x Kuszenow NK-86 engines with up to 127 kilonewton thrust per engine
Length: 59,94 meters
Wingspan: 48,06 meters
Height: 15,81 meters
Wing area: 320,20 square meters


Please note that these are the only liveries I can find

Aeroflot (Old) (CCCP-86115)
Aeroflot (RA-86095)
Siberian Airlines (RA-86091)
Uzbekistan Airlines (UK-86090)
Armenian Airlines (EK-86117)
Atlant-Soyuz Airlines (RA-86142)
KrasAir (RA-86122)
Armavia (EK-86118)
Kazakhstan Airlines (UN-86115)
Pulkovo Airlines (RA-86073)
Xinjiang Airlines (B-2018)

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Looks great, its such a cool plane!!

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I couldn’t see myself using this but I guess always great to see an interesting plane in IF!

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I guess that will come up not earlier than AI starts to make aircraft for IF. Unless I’m really sorry for the devs who wants to try that, just look at this hell 😂


don’t worry, it’s literally almost the same as the 747-200 we have in game

Some nice routes would be Moscow-Frankfurt as seen in the video

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According to Wikipedia, “ As of August 2013, the Il-86 is known to have been involved in at least 10 incidents, including 4 hull losses with a total of 23 fatalities unrelated to passengers”


Never mind the 2 crashes are deadly crashes I didn’t see anything with other crashes in Wikipedia thank you for correcting me I changed it


Update: Liveries added

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The IL-86 is an interesting bird, but I think we need to get the MC-21 before all the vintage Russian/Soviet planes…


We need the SU95 first!

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yeah, since it’s operating internationally a lot now!

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It reminds me of the Boeing, 707 plane takes a awhile to take off

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I’m sure SU95 doesn’t 🤔
In the end it’s a regional jet for Russia and we’ve some small length and rough surface runways (although at HUBs they’re within perfect European standards despite the climate).



We need this, We need more Diversity!!

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