Ilyushin Il-62 family

With the 737 already added, and the a320 confirmed, how about the Russian Medium range airliner?

Liveries (Il62):
Czechoslovak Airlines
Aeroflot (Soviet era)
Air Koryo

Liveries (Il62M):
Sudan Government
Aeroflot (Soviet Era)
Delta Air (Kazakhstan had a Delta, not just the United States)
Domodedovo Air

Liveries (Il62MK):

Suggest anything I missed.


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PC12, C130 and a reworked C17 and I’ll be happy 😜 very interesting suggestions! They’d have to come with the smoke and loud engines too haha


Definitely, I would much rather have a modern aircraft than old aircraft.


I would like the dash 8 the most right now


Wow the Russians! They have a very interesting motive when it comes to aviation!
“Put enough power behind anything and it’ll fly”
The cool part is that’s actually true! Mix that with fixed wing and you get the AN-225! Anyway nice suggestions! Would love to see more planes from the Russian aerodrome! Some of the best planes in the world come from there!


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HaHaHaHa lol oh well there’s always a bit of banter in every thread!

The tupolev 204 has less liveries, making it less of a product. Besides, the boeing 717 and the 747-200 are retro, making it fit right in.

I’d rather something from the classic era. What’s the point of adding yet another twin-jet? -62 is a great aircraft, and it’d be nice to have something with a different configuration to the typical fare. VC-10 would also qualify of course but -62 is in a heavier class if I recall correctly

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I agree with what people abovr are saying about the Tu-204, but I have to go with the Il-62. Soviet airliners are FAR more interesting and are quite nicr looking aircraft.

The Tu-204 looks like the 757 and the A321 had a baby that had some sort of birth defect.

Il-62 on the other hand is a nearly unique aircraft (2 other aircraft with that engine layout) and looks like a beast to fly.

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It will be cool to have the IIyushin II-62 family in- game :)

Retired model, and companys are less known, so i think this isn’t good idea.

@Rotate, if we’re talking modern then the Superjet 100 would be better than the -204 anyway, in my humble opinion. Just recently introduced into service, first civilian project from there in quite a while, and a good size for IF - can go into pretty much any airport class D and above (and probably even some class E fields).

Besides, InterJet have them so they’d fit in nicely in SoCal region.

The downside - we’ve got quite a few planes of that class already (E-jets, 737, and the upcoming A320 family).

Id rather see the an-225 mryia or c5 galaxy

Il-62 is not retired-Air Koryo, Rossiya to name 2

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I’d prefer to see the Il-76 but it would still be great to see

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Would look absolutely beautiful in the LOT livery, one of my favourite aircraft livery combinations ever.


My dream plane!