Ilyushin IL-18

Would love to see this old Russian bird in IF. Nice livery would be LOT. Think about I am pretty sure the community would love to see another prop.
Tell me what you think.
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highly likely to be a low priority but undeniably a nice aircraft

Wouldn’t mind flying to Pyongyang, North Korea 🇰🇵 on one of those !


Some livery you have chosen 😛😛

All I see with this is good ol’ TS1 KNUC approaches lol


It was the best resolution

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Attempts approach: blows of course and lands on a dash 8 “me”


Lolll Thats great

Love the look of that! Really would like to see some Russian aircraft in IF.

this is an amazing aircraft. You guys need to check the specs of it and the records it once achieved.

Amazing aircraft would love to see it get added in the future!

really efficient for airlines too with good amount of seats and range

I don’t like llyushin.

This looks interesting…I really want to see this in the So-Cal region…😂

I would very much enjoy seeing this in IF.

some soviet aircraft would be nice. (you should also add failuers with this aircaft)

LOT <3 Would be a cool addition.

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IMO, failures shouldn’t be added. If they are, they should not be able to be triggered by the user, and only occur very rarely.

Give us more Russian planes! I’m serious.

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