Ilyushin 76 landing in SVG

Hope you enjoy and give me a feedback ;)


Great picture!

Volga Dnepr, Illyushin IL-76. Great alien sounds coming from those soviet engines. One of the most unique aircrafts I have ever seen.

About your picture? Just one word. Amazing. Rare aircraft, amazing angle with the view of the runway, amazing lighting, sunset in the skies and amazing picture quality. 🤩

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That landing gear is looking " i n t e r e s t i n g "


These old Soviet birds have some sort of charm to them. A perfectly framed shot, in my opinion. Keep up the good work!

Do you have a jetphotos account?

The Vodka Burner


That is one incredible picture :)

All I can say is wow! Your picture looks professionally taken you must have had a very lucky day!

I do but none of my photos are accepted. However I post my photos on instagram under the name of @spotterbenni

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Same here. I tried JetPhotos but they don’t accept anything I send them.

that’s a big avro

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