Ilyushin 76 at BFS.

Yesterday we got an Ilyushin 76 at BFS, it was also in last week delivering a wing (CSeries I think)

Pictures can be found on my Instagram aswell.


Nice shot, I´d love to be able to get closer and take pictures to operational aircraft sometime.


Why, why did I book my flight yesterday into Knock and not Belfast, I was literally about to book it into Belfast but then I changed my mind. I am now officially mad with myself.
Excellent photo by the way, wish I was there.


This was 2 days ago now. But it could of still been there I’m not sure when it left.

I would have flown in on Sunday, possibly could have still been there.

Nice shot. Too bad it’s a soviet scrapheap.

well my young friend,

this “scrapheap” as you call ist, is one of the most reliable transporters that exist! - It flies and flies and flies, and does not have the problems as a A400M.

The old Russian aircraft are indeed a little basic, but very reliable and …they stay in the air. You want an example? - watch this:

…ah, by the way, I am from the west of the former iron curtain and a true “if it ain’t Boeing I am not going” guy
and do not forget: Do not judge a book by the cover


here is another, very impressive one:

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@Clipper747PA… Max watched the full video. There but by the grace of God go I. The man flying that machine was a craftsman. Must unstable Downwind , approach and recovery I’ve I ever seen video or not.
( Good to see ya back Clipper, missed ya!)

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