ILS when APPR is not available for aircraft

Hey IFC, what is the normal procedure when ATC wants me to use ILS but but APPR is not available in the aircraft? e.g. the Dash800. Normally I always request visual, the response is mostly: expect ILS at…
Any ideas?

If you’d like to proceed with the ILS approach, you may try tuning into the ILS and manually following the glideslope and localizer.


Ok, That’s what I normally do. But feels somehow wrong…

You can’t still hand fly ILS, in fact thats how it was done before Autoland came around IRL (I think it still is done that way for many aircraft). In regards to IFATC consistently assigning you ILS only, we are supposed to try to accommodate requests of pilots for approach, but if its busy I know you are allowed to switch to ILS only to keep it uniform. I’ve heard from some other pilots recently too that some controllers keep assigning ILS only even when its not busy and they have requested something else, maybe that’s something that will be looked in to.

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Yes, exactly. That’s what I tried to say with: it feels wrong. I totally understand if it is busy at airports. But this also happens at non busy airports, as you said.

Normally ILS approaches are the only option available for a controller to assign when VMC is absent and you don’t have a GPS approach filed, or if traffic levels do not allow any approach procedure other than a standard ILS to integrate all arrivals into a standard traffic flow.

In regards to flying these approaches, i’d say you may utilize the general guidance provided by the localizer and glideslope to the runway threshold until we have APPR in app on this aircraft in future.

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Tbh I always hand-fly the ILS approaches. I can just judge from watching videos on YT, but I’ve seen plenty of pilots turning the AP off once fully established on the localizer an continue to fly the approach manually, so my guess would be that there’s no “right” or “wrong” unless the visibility is bad. But even then I fly the approaches manually😁

I’ve been hand flying ILS approaches since I first started playing in 2015. I remember when APPR was first added to the 737BBJ and while I thought it was cool, I knew I’d rather hand fly my approaches. I only use APPR in very poor visibility.

I’m only VFR private pilot so I don’t know about commercial and instrument flying but. In real life when they use ILS, pretty much like you said, they use APP mode to get on GS and LCC and when aircraft gets closer to land, off the A/P and land by hand. BUT since IF’s APPR mode doesn’t function as real aircraft, I use either GPS or NAV for LCC and V/S to adjust GS.

Hang on, you can still use the ILS if I remember correctly. You just set the ILS as NAV1, then whenever you would have turned on the APPR, you instead change your source to NAV1 and then press LNAV to intercept the LOC, and VNAV to intercept the GS (I don’t know about the VNAV functionality, whether it works with NAV1, but LNAV definitely does)

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