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Hello IFC,

why do all Aircrafts with 4 engines, such as the B747, A380, A340 not have the APPR MODE? I was asking this myself for at least 6 Months now, and it is kind of weird…Is it maybe harder to add this feature to 4-Engine Jets than to Aircrafts with only 2?

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They will eventually get APPR mode when they rework those aircraft.


They haven’t reworked the four engine planes recently


I think those aircrafts just haven’t be reworked in a while before APPR came out


These aircraft that you listed are older and have not the opportunity for a rework. Implementing APPR is a bit more work than simply adding in a button such as this. As aircraft are reworked and if the aircraft is capable of doing it in real life, you will find this feature implemented. Hope this clarifies! ✈️


Thank you guys for the quick response, i hope also these aircrafts will get the APPR mode in the future!

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As mentioned above, every plane (realistically) will gradually get APPR. The best thing is to cast your vote so that you show what you would like to see. Have fun with flying🙂

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Oh ok thanks


Flies 747, realizes he can’t land ILS with 747. He crashes cuz he only lands ILS. Looks up B747 ILS. Goes on a rant.

Hahahaha in the beginning I did that but now I can manually follow the diamond on the HUD

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