ILS range message

Before 20.1 if you were too far out to tune in to an ILS a message would pop up saying ‘ILS out of range’ now, after 20.1 you can be 100nm out and be able to tune into the ILS without the ‘out of range message’. Why did this change after 20.1?

Thanks, Jacob

I’m guessing it’s so if you’re using VNAV for an arrival procedure but you don’t have an approach procedure taking you within the 27.5 miles then you can activate APPR outside that range. Just my theory, if anyone knows why please feel free to correct me.

You can tune into your ILS from your origin airport, and anywhere in the world!

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That’s true but you wouldn’t be able to follow your flight plan. It’s like doing WPT-Destination.

It would be funny getting a capture at 37,000 feet

You tune it into NAV1. To follow your flight plan you use the GPS source and switch it when approaching the cone.

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As far as I am aware this makes it a bit closer to reality as you can set the ILS on your NAV page before descending IRL as well. You wouldn’t get the outputs that early though, but in the end this new change enables us to set the plane up for the approach (tuning into the frequencies, Briefing the arrival, …) before the TOD, which is great in my opinion!

Who cares! It’s one of my favorite new features! I can tune a ILS irl half way across the world. 🤷🏻‍♂️😂

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Im flying right now and mine captured at FL300 no joke some willl capture better than others for example larger more popular airports such as heathrow have really strong ones where as a airport like MKEs isn t as good form my expereince.

The idea is that you tune in early so you can get get the plane all set up. Then you let VNAV take over on a STAR procedure and then hand fly it on final.


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