ILS Range Issue

I want to do an automated approach into Belize City however, I can’t seem to program my desired runway into the autopilot as the NAV 1 option is greyed out. What is the issue here?

ILS approaches can be tuned in from about 25nm out, are you sure you are attempting to tune into an ILS equipped runway?

How do I know whether a runway has ILS? Also, airports much further from me, such as Havana and Miami can be tuned. (I am 275nm from Belize City)

Were you too far to catch the ILS?

Runways with ILS are a purple shade, and in the runways tab shows ‘ILS’ with the frequency next to it.

The airport is not ILS equipped. It’s grey, which means it’s not capable of ILS approaches, you must continue Visually or via GPS. If you choose R25 or R07 under Procedures - Approach, you’ll get the GPS approach into that airport. (I assume you’re referring to MZBZ)

A red localizer means an ILS equipped localizer, a grey localizer, means it’s not equipped with ILS. :)

Yes, I’m referring to MZBZ; there isn’t a frequency, so I assume I’ll have to fly the plane via GPS then. Can auto land still be used?

Ok, thanks

That’s incorrect. GPS approaches are back, as RNAV, and can be found under procedures. Also, Approach controllers can give GPS approaches to pilots.

They’ve removed the 25nm ILS thing, you can tune in from anywhere.


Actually, that’s not the case anymore.
At the moment there is no limit.
You can tune into an ILS on the other side of the world without issues.

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20.1 has turned my knowledge upside down…


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