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Do you usually use the ILS if possible?

  • Yes
  • No

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well depends, if I set it up properly yes, if im having issues cuz I messed up something no

I always use it whenever available (of course, with the exceptions of a GPS-only airport).

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Always use it. It gives me very important and useful information to guide me to the runway. In IFR conditions as well, this is crucial information that the ILS gives you.

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I never use it, i prefer way too much difficult approaches and tight turns, so visual and GPS.

I usually use the ILS in APPR equipped aircraft. But being in multiple VAs, events normally have cool and interesting approaches. DLVA events have taught me to enjoy the crazy visual approaches! I suggest to everyone who hasn’t to fly the river visual into DCA! Its a must!

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With the exception of a complete visual approach from time to time, I have the ILS tuned in when available.

It is in my opinion more realistic to use it where available and flying an ILS manually is pretty rewarding in my opinion as well.

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In case of unicom, I use ILS (if available)
In case of a busy airspace, I use it
In case of an empty airspace or a not very busy airspace, I would like to do a visual approach if the surroundings permit to otherwise there’s no other option than ILS and/or GPS
I use ils to align myself perfectly using appr but I disengage it around 3-5nm away

I almost always do visual approaches, when I don’t I do GPS. I should learn to do ILS better though.

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