ils problem

When I was halfway down the ils at kmem I was on appr mode and my plane decided to a right 360 for some reason. Then as I did the approach again it did it a 2nd time. So I decided to pick 36l instead of 36r and instead of lining me up with runway it lined me perfectly for the taxi way

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Then land it by hand and not the APPR. It’s better to know how to actually land a plane than a computer doing it for you.

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And how about if there’s a weather situation that doesn’t allow for a manual landing? I don’t see your point; if this is a bug he shouldn’t ignore it, it should be fixed.


I didnt come in here to get ridiculed on how I’m supposed to land. I am no means a pro and I’m learning at this. I want to learn the ropes before I just start landing by hand


I’m not trying to make you feel bad I’m just saying it doesn’t hurt to land it manually.

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Thank you so I was in Detroit a couple days ago and it wasn’t visiable

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I understand. Trust me I want to land manually but Im not really experienced yet.

Try to be fully configured for landing by 5 miles out (speed,flaps,gear down). Also, make sure to manually select the runway for appr. Last thing is that appr doesn’t work well in strong winds. I try to get established on the localizer and glideslope before engaging appr, usually around 8-10 miles out.

All of those boxes were checked before I hit the appr. Like I said I was halfway down the ils when it gave me problems. Ive landed perfectly fine at other airports with the appr engaged

Michael, I think Dhops hit the nail on the head in blaming wind conditions for the APPR failing to perform properly. It isn’t just a crosswind that can knock it for six, headwinds and even modest tailwinds can also compromise it’s ability to coordinate a sustainable approach all the way to touchdown.

Try it out at with the same aircraft at that airport in Solo and see if the APPR functions properly in the absence of winds. My guess is that it will work normally.

I disagree that’s is what the minimap is for you better quickly look at your minimap and you altitude make sure you are Lined up on approach also use the approach tools on the sides they will help alot

The winds were 2kts max. It shouldn’t effected it.

If you can’t reproduce the fault and nobody else has experienced it under similar conditions, I think you’ll just have to chalk this one up to experience and move on.

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