ILS out of Range

I tried to set the ILS a runway into RKSI following the new “Navigating IF” video steps but keep getting a message saying ILS out of range. Can you tell me how close I have to be to add it to the flight plan & did I miss something in the steps which is why I am getting that message?

How far out are you?

It works just like the old system. You have to be at least within 25nm of your desired airport to set the ILS.


Thanks that explains why. Im over in Hong Kong…The way the YT video made it seem was that you could do it from anyway…I guess the airports must have been close enough

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You can set it up, yes. Once you are in range then you must change it from GPS to NAV so long as you have selected the runway and assigned it to NAV1 or whatever. If you need any help later on just ask.