ILS Out of range even when aircraft is on final

Hey guys, as part of my tour, I went to ENCN from ENBR. As I was approaching ENCN, I want to select an ILS approach into Rwy 21, but it kept saying “ILS out of range” even if I was at base and about 12NM from ENCN. I tested the ILS approach of ENLI and it captured. I tried again the Rwy 21 ILS approach but it still did not work. I safely landed though without the help of ILS, but I was still thinking if it was a new glitch, or I was hacked, or some type of bug. If anyone knows what happened there, I would appreciate any answers. Thank you and have a nice day!

P.S. I browsed the support category in case there is a duplicate and I only saw people who thought that ILS can be captured far from the airport, but if I missed a similar topic to mine, please inform me and I would take a look if our situation is similar, thank you.

I am unable to reproduce this.
I started at ENLI to,do so and could tune NAV1 to the ILS of ENCN right away on the ground.
Can you reproduce it? And may be make a screenshot of the navigation map and the ap Settings?

I greatly regret not having to take a screenshot, but it really happened though. I tried to recreate it after my flight and ENCN now works as normal. I just wanted to know if this a is a new bug or glitch and if someone also experienced this. Thank you.

I tried to replicate what happened but ENCN worked fine now. I guess it could either be a new bug/glitch that was yet unnoticed. I will just tell all of those who are browsing this topic for now to report here if you experienced the same problem. I saw and I thank @Major-Tom for helping me investigate this incident. Thank you very much.

To complete the test. I landed with APPR easily:

I thought the range requirement was removed?

Thank you for helping and attempting what happened. I appreciate your help and I will just try to interpret what happened as an unknown bug/glitch. Cheers!

Oh yea it is

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