ILS not working

I enabled the ILS twice below 3000ft AGL and below 200kts and it didnt work

Device: iphone 14
Operating system:

Are you able to share the replay(s) where the ILS didn’t work?

It would be useful to get a visual reference of the problem.

What airport and which runway? Was your aircraft under MLW? Did you get a specific error message when you tried to enable APPR?

You need to give people more information so they can help you properly :)


Hi, ILS not working and APPR not working need to be considered separately, even though APPR requires an ILS.

1)did you successfully “tune” the ILS for the desired runway on the map view?
2)did you switch the NAV setting from GPS to NAV for the tuned ILS (not necessary if using APPR - it will switch automatically)

1)is the aircraft equipped with APPR (button will be absent if not equipped)?
2)are you:
a)no more than about 30 degrees intercept angle to the final approach course
b)level at about

c)at around or below


How does one enable ils?

Hi, you enable ILS in the map view after selecting first the airport, then the runways page. If the runway has an ILS, you will see you can select the ILS (“tune it” to NAV1) on that page.

Then you need to select NAV1 from the NAV buttons (only if doing an ils without the use of APPR, as mentioned below):

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See the user guide for using an ILS approach.


In addition to @A320_Flyerboy19’s official ILS tutorial link above.

Appr is covered by:

well yeah bad word choice the appr wasnt working, even if I enabled it, I enabled it and the aircraft wasnt descending

You must have been below the G/S

As the exact conditions of what the op is describing aren’t clear, as @BennyBoy_Alpha suggested, can you upload a video, or at least a screen shot showing the details of the issue?

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