ILS not showing up on PFD

Basically when you look at the HUD (first picture) I have the ILS set up but looking on the PFD (second picture) you cannot see the ILS set up. This occurred at EDDH or Hamburg runway 33

Hello first of all nice that you flew to my home airport😉
Here is a tutorial to the changes in the UI since 19.4 maybe it can help you I think the most common mistake is to not set NAV1.


EDDH Runway 33 has no ILS. It is just a localiser.
The localiser bug is shown in the PFD:

How ever there should be no glidepath indicator in the HUD.
This is a known issue.

Nice find anyways.

I don’t think you understand in the first picture you see the ILS

No cause I did set the ILS As in RW I check it what feels like 500 times and you can see I’m tuned into the ILS @NJ24

No ils at rwy 33 EDDH, only LOC. LOC will not display frequency or identifier on PFD.

Yeah sorry I understood you wrong this glitch is at some other airports too I’m not sure if it’s fixable

Ok but look at the HUD. There it shows there’s an ILS.

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Yeah, I know. Thats a known issue.

Have a look at the airport info:


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