ILS not really accurate.

Hello! I don’t know if it’s me but anywhere I fly my ILS is usually not accurate, and yes, my runway is center, I check it always. But it seems that the ILS is always 1 or even 2 degrees off for me. Is it me or not?

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If you are talking about how you set the Heading when on the ILS to the runway heading number then that is why. Runways are rounded to the nearest 10 I believe. That is why you find a runway called 09L even though the runway is actually 94 degrees heading.

I Recommend either using APPR for the main part of the ILS approach or just doing a regular Visual approach and hand fly the aircraft straight in.


Not entirely sure what issue you’re having, but the following could be a couple of answers:

  • Crosswinds, meaning your aircraft’s “heading” will be a bit off from what the plane is actually flying (use the FPV as a guide as to whether you’re on target)

  • Rounding to whole degrees, when in fact a runway heading could be something like 094.35 but would still be Runway 09 and the ILS would say 94° - over time this would mean you end up off-centre


you likely have a crosswind which differs your planes heading

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