ILS not intercepting localiser and glide slope

On iPhone 12 iOS 15.

Just did a long haul into Doha Hammad and did several missed approaches because would not latch onto ILS at all the needles especially for localiser did not catch. Tried everything reset frequency and sources were on NAV1 etc.

No matter what I did (did 5 approaches) nothing intercepted.

Is this a Doha Hammed ILS issue or something wider.

Was ILS 34L and 34R at Doha Hammad .


Did you have your NAV1 set to GPS or the megahertz of the runway (APPR) when you were on final to land?

BRG was Nav 1 as usually do as was source set to Nav 1 (Nav 1 was what ILS was tuned to). Usually no issues and will latch when select APPR or manually lining up before arming APPR.

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*BRG1 was Nav 1

Were you at or below the glideslope when you engaged APPR mode?

Just for further clarification, did you attempt to intercept the localizer at a 30 degree offset from runway heading and the glideslope at the altitudes specified by the approach plates/charts? Usually, these two things should allow you to intercept perfectly.
Hope this helps!

I was at the altitude that Doha Approach ATC had requested me to be and the headings. Even when not at a 30 degree offset, you usually see the needle move past the aligned phase.

Did not arm APPR as was enough miles out to manually align with heading changes then when localiser and glide slope perfect to arm APPR.

What I have done always works at other airports etc so not sure why failed at Doha

In this case, I would review your replay to make sure the clearances you were given are correct and accurate. If they seem incorrect, I would contact the approach controller to review your approaches with them to identify what may have been the issue you experienced.
Cheers mate!


I did several approaches in the end and all failed despite doing what usually do, ILS needle not moving at all even when straight with runway and source on correct mode etc


I just tried replicating your issue, and while I had no trouble capturing the localizer and glideslope, something else caught my attention - the ILS displays a different heading in the CRS1 window in the NAV panel than the runway heading - that’s the reason the needle didn’t align for you and you have to adjust that manually. The ILS doesn’t fly that heading, though - but if you keep APPR mode enabled until the very moment you touch down, it will make you land to the right of both runways, on both sides.

Unfortunately, it’s a relatively common issue with airports. For the time being, when you land at Doha, I’d recommend 1. Adjusting the heading in CRS1 to the runway heading (which you can check by going to the map, tapping on the airport, then tapping on the RWYS tab - the heading is written right next to the runway number) 2. Flying the approach manually, with the guidance the ILS gives you. The lateral guidance will be correct once you adjust said CRS1 heading, so you needn’t worry that you’ll land to the side of the runway.


Thanks so much, am on a short flight into Doha now.

Do not usually have that CRS issue with airports but Doha seems to be!!


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Hello, I was the radar controller at Doha where you had this issue.Missed approach may happen to all of us but the way we react to this situation, matters.
In your first attempt I realized that MA and gave you a reverse interception but you didn’t follow the instructions and choose your own headings. This behavior (choosing your own heading regardless of ATC commands) repeated from you several times. It is very dangerous specially in busy airspace like Doha today. You may announce MA before any heading and Alt change. This way the controller vectors you with missed approach instruction.
I realized your issue and Gave you RV for the second attempt. I can see that you are experienced pilot so I am sure you are aware that ILS is not your only option. You could do Visual but you missed approach when you were 1000 ft below G/S at appropriate speed aligned with runway! You could land and test your ILS malfunction later in different airport. Please consider that you were doing this in ATC featured Airport with more than 20 aircraft approaching at the same time. The last thing a controller need in this situation is five time missed approach!
There are also explanation for each of your approach attempts. Feel free to DM me for further details or if you have any questions about different approach types or how should we communicate with ATC in these situations. I will be more than happy to help.

Oh hi apologies. I did not mean to mess anybody around. I tried to take some time to work through what I should do after each missed approach. When on a last attempt I stated I was gonna do a GPS approach I somehow violated. I did consider diverting to Bahrain during all this.

Sorry I was a pain. More annoyed I never completed my flight because violation eventually.

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The visibility was 3SM so that’s also why I focussed on ILS for each. If had been better would have opted for visual second time etc

FYI I too had strange localizer indications at OTHH rwy 34R. I checked to make sure I didn’t plug in the 34L frequency by mistake and that was not the issue. But I was able to see the runway and do a visual approach before it became a problem.

No problem. for your last request, GPS approach, you must file appropriate flight plan before requesting GPS approach. for more information you can check here:

if i were you, I would choose a nearby airport for landing after recieving “Deny entry” command from controller and leave the airspace but you requested 3 more times for GPS without appropriate FPL.
hope i can provide better service for you next time so we enjoy together :)
contact me if you need anything else. Thanks

I’ll check the ILS approach for both 34’s and will contact support, if there are any issue. Thanks for the information.

Was the ILS guiding you down to 34R, with the LOC showing that you were to the right of the runway (so you needed to turn left to be on the LOC)?



Yes, exactly.

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