ILS/NAV1 runways bugs the game out to crash

So I know this is a bug now because I did A UA flight to IAD and the game crashes I thought it was the phone and then it happened again i was doing 2 flights one to FRA and one to AMS so right as I am on left base at AMS I select runway 36C as my NAV1 and it decided to crash and the one to FRA I was on left downwind and I did the same thing for 25C and it crashes again on that one what the heck is going on I waste $30-$40 so u can add this annoying bug.

The app crashed or your aircraft crashed?

Are you using IOS?
If so, have a read of the link below.
This is made by a memory leak being a bi-product of 19.4 and new IOS updates which cause the game to crash. The best bet is to turn down your graphics, do a fresh restart of your device, turn off other apps, et cetera. This issue is known to developers and they are working on a fix.


App crashes on me

android Samsung S6 active

That is sort of an old device I’d say.