ILS/NAV1 Not working

Hello IFC tech geeks. I have an issue with ILS/NAV1. When I activate it and approach, it proceeds to direct me left or right if the desired runway, even if there is no wind. I simply have a straight heading that is around 2 meters away from the actual runway.

Can someone please help?


(Info: iPad 2019, latest route with this EGSS-EHAM A319 EasyJet.)

Hi for context could you send a picture!
Many Thanks
Are you sure you are tuned to the right ILS frequency?

Take a look at this - it might help:


Welp, I deleted all the flight files for the failed ones 😆.

Basically: ILS doesnt work, It drags me a few feet off the runway to the left.

what runway at EHAM?

  1. Runway 27.

Just tested it on my device and it worked perfectly. Hmmm

🤨 I am Confusion


Perhaps could you try the approach again?

Alrighty. 😃

Didn’t work for me. 😒 😑 😕

For an ILS appr, you need to intercept the LOC at 30°. So if the runway heading is 27, you can intercept the LOC at heading 240°-300°. Also make sure that you intercept the LOC before the GS.
Btw, could be that your ‘Course’ (CRS) is not on the runway heading, make sure you don’t change the heading of that. That would make your plane land a few meters off the runway.

You mean approach right?

What speed are you going? You need to ensure you don’t get close to stalling otherwise approach or NAV will wander left and right.

Alright. Here’s an image for you folks.

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Your right, but that wouldn’t usually push the entire aircraft to the side. Especially at 3 knots. I’ve also been having a problem with approach though. Not the same one as this where it goes left or right of the runway, but it will be like 20 feet above the ground, flare, then hover at 20ft. As if it had already landed, but it will never land.

Hello there!

I believe you are using NAV to guide you to the runway, this doesn’t have the same accuracy as APPR mode and therefore will be just a little bit out (As you can tell by the needle being off the to left).

If you want the Autopilot to guide you to the runway then use APPR mode.

Or you can hand fly the approach (This can be fun to master)


Thank you!

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