ILS missing


The ILS from FNLU airport is missing… My device is an Android Yoga Tablet Lenovo and IF is updated with the latest version. If someone can look into it is very much appreciated

Which runway in particular are you describing?

From what I can tell, none of the runways have an ILS in Infinite Flight, will check real world charts to see if that is reflected in the real world.

RWY 23. It was the only ILS in this Airport

Yup, just checked and there’s a procedure for the ILS in both Infinite Flight and the real world.

Someone from IFAET (Airport Editing) can fix this, if a member of IFAET would like to intervene.

We used to have it before. There was this issue with ATC… And I was doing a flight there and I noticed

Yeah it would be great if someone from the Airport team looking into it

I didn’t know where to go to report this situation

Why wouldn’t the airport in the capital of Angola not have an ils 🤔


Because it’s most likely unedited or hasn’t been edited in some time.

@Riqynho, a member of IFAET will most likely find this thread and help out. However, if that isn’t the case, I’ll inform a friend that happens to be an IFAET supervisor for you.

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Thank you.

I noticed yesterday… And also today… So I decided to come forward

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noice, I fly to Luanda often so having ILS would defo help a lot 😃


Same… I did already two landings without ILS…is like back to the hardware mode 😂


If it’s missing, I can check it out.

Edit: Done


Thanks Claudio

Thank you Claudio 😊👍🏽

Looks like its not…

Usually we can check before

It will be updated in the next airport update. We can’t update things into the sim immediately.


Ah! Alright, sorry, wasn’t awarenof the procedure. Thank you.