ILS Missing on Some Aircraft

Hello. I am just curious, and a little new to this. Why doesn’t the a380 and some other planes have autoland?
Thanks alot

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The A380 is simply a much older model than some of the newer aircraft. If/when the A380 is reworked in the future, this feature will almost definitely be added :)


I could land the A380 manually with one hand and one eye whilst riding a bike and cooking me dinner.


watching a landing tutorial 😂

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Moved this out of support which is only for application issues rather than queries.

A golden oldie 👴

I would be surprised if there is t a Feature Request for the rework of the A380 on this forum. Have a search and cast your vote 😊

You can cast your vote for a rework here :)

Same. It’s not that hard.

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Many pilots irl still land their plane manually, however ATC approachers say that you are cleared for ILS most of the time.

They haven’t gotten around to it yet. There will be a massive fleet overhaul in the near future 🙂

You just earned my respect Sir 😂

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When the multiplayer replay is released, are you going to upload a video to prove this?! 😬


From my understanding of Infinite Flight and APPR it’s only added to the Airbus A31,19,20,21(Which was newly updated),Newly updated B737,DC-10 and MD-11 and I think the CRJs have it also the 777 and 787

Don’t forget the B777 and B787… It’s been added to all newer airliners

Shameless self promotion 😂

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if that’s true you wouldn’t be allowed to fly a plane lol, especially with one eye! it’s just not gonna happen

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