ILS lights (approach Lights)


Sometimes when flying at night it’s hard to see the runway 😆 I’m sure every pilot can relate!! But i think it would a cool idea to add ILS lights it would make it look more realistic when you do an ILS approach. It would be an awesome feature to have! And the lights blinking and signing towards the runway. You could actually see it from miles away specially when it’s IFR. It could help us to improve our IFR skills and land that bad boy on low visibility! I’ve been to certain Airports at night when it’s low visibility and the reflection of my IPad screen and the light make it hard for me to see the airport or the flight deck generally even when I have it in full brightness.


This should be in “Feature” request category assuming there is not already one. Good idea though…


I tried posting it there but it didn’t let me…😐


You mean this right Approach Lighting System (ALS)


I see. You are a “basic user”, .mearning since you just started out you wont be able to post in that cat. Yet. Keep posting, liking, reading and whatever and you’ll level up no time :).


Thank you! And I will!!!👌🏻🛫


Yes!! Those approach lights!


It’s really good to have you apart of the community, we really do look forward to your future input on these types of request.


Thank you! And I would like to be part of it.


This topic might get closed and the is other post which request this, otherwise i hope you enjoy this community !


I’ve been enjoying it!!!