ILS Landing


I am having a real hard time figuring out ILS landings. I tried just catching a glideslope, but that doesn’t work.

Do i need a NAV1 frequency? How do i get that?

Also, user guide mentions getting instructions from ATC? What does that mean? U an just doing solo flights.

Thanks very much.

Hey, first of all, did you select the runway you’re landing at?

You can do this by clicking the airport on the map, going to runways and set NAV 1 on the runway you want

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before flying on the expert server you should check the user guide to learn how to use ATC instructions, this may help you to avoid possible reports.

You can activate the ILS by first going to the menu of your destination airport. Once there, tap on “runways,” select your desired runway, and click NAV 1. When near the airport, the ILS glide will show right next to the altitude indicator. To turn on the localizer, go to the NAV menu and activate NAV 1. The compass will show a green line, which is the localizer.

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You may find this video tutorial helpful for shooting ILS approaches.

I think this person is confused about the existence of ATC as they are on solo mode. Not necessarily how to deal with ATC.

Regarding the topic,

Solo mode does not have ATC, only multiplayer. Expert Server is the serious server, and you should follow all ATC instructions. Training Server is, in fact, a training environment. It is recommended that you follow ATC instructions there as well. However, level 2 and 3 violations are not enforced on training.

Watch the video Thunderbolt posted above for a tutorial on how to fly an ILS approach.

Thank you everyone. That tutorial was very helpful and i figured it out!!!

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