Ils landing

is it realistic to arm appr/ autoland until level with the runway at 1,000ft then take it off and manually land ?

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Yup if I believe irl the have appr on until about 800ff tho I turn mine off at 500-300 ft

That is what I do personally - and I would say it is realistic! However IF isn’t made for realism as much as it is made for enjoyment do what you want, go full CAT III or hand fly the entire approach thats what’s so great about this sim! Have fun with those landings! ✌️


oh so in real life they arm approach mode until about 1,000-500ft?

okay so it’s fine if i arm appr till about 800ft?

Depends on visibility, weather and countless other factors.

You are fine to use this sim however you like thats the beauty about it! 800ft is absolutely fine to disengage A/P and come in for a smooth landing! Personal preference really!

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ohh so i. real live the pilots have approach mode on until 800ft?

There is no set standard. If you read my post above it depends on factors which could impact the landing roll and stability of approach.

800ft is about normal however!

Honestly you don’t even have to turn it off

ok thank you

If your approach is CATII / III you can even realistically disconnect at 100 AGL / 50 AGL

As @Captain_Cign correctly said anything from 10000ft+ to 100ft or even less can be possible IRL depending on workload of the crew, visibility, type of the ILS (and the related minimal) and other factors.

On a classic ILS most commonly anything between about 2500 and 700ft would be used from the countless videos I have watched ;)

I have the appr mode on for the whole approach up to the ‘minimums’ call out, which is usually at 200ft if I am not mistaken

thats absolutely fine… its a good feature, so why not use it… I always use it to establish myself for final approach… the moment when I turn it off varies, in easy conditions I turn it off as soon as I’m established, with a crosswind component I wait longer… if its low visibility I sometimes use the full autoland…
you need to be comfortable, nobody can tell you what you have to/should do :)


Actually, this is just a tip but when you face crosswinds on final its better to turn the appr mode off earlier because the autopilot will push you wayyyy off the centre line. You would most probably understand if you try using the appr mode on a crosswind landing. I’m gonna try and not confuse you more, since I am terrible at explaining, but I would turn it off earlier in a crosswind landing situation

As far as I know they wouldn’t disconnect at 50 ft, perhaps even 100. At that point you are committed to a fully automated landing and the change of controls at that low an altitude presents more of a risk than anything else.

Except when there is low visibility…

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Depending on visibility. If I have RWY insight when I down gears which is about 2000AGL, 6nm. But if visibility is low, I don’t turn off A/P until I have RWY insight.

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Except when it’s in Delhi where you can’t see the runway until you actually touchdown…

I’ve heard that in China, pilots are required to disengage autopilots by 1000ft AGL, so that’s what I usually do, LNAV to the runway, stabilised then disengage. Also it’s quite interesting to hand-fly into airports with no visibility, do it several times and you’ll master it!