ILS landing question

Can anyone help

When landing using a 787-10 with APPR on contact with the runway the plane veres left on its wheels, why is this ??


What is your landing speed and weight?

Many will say that you shouldn’t really be using APPR all the way to the runway. Most will turn it off when on short final.

You may be veering due to crosswind so you may need to apply some rudder to keep it straight.


Adding onto this, the plane will turn into the wind. This is called weathervaning, because the plane turns into the wind, like a weathervane. This is caused by the rudder of the plane catching more wind than the front of the plane, pushing the rudder with the wind and the nose into the wind.


This is most probably the reason, good observation.

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Thanks now I have the proper term to refer to that situation weathervaning


Speed is about 160 kn and normal weight, i just find that if I turn off AP the plane does not stay stable even after hitting calibrate just before switching it off !!

lower your speed down a bit, can smoothly touch down around 140-150kts with the 78x, and then if you are going to be using APPR, you’ll still want to have control of the rudder on touch down


Thank you will give it a go

I disengage it in short final.
(And perhaps the APPR AP is turning to the beginning of the runway?)

I think it might the cross wind gusts on the runway. And you have angle your self and at or near touch down lineup the Aircraftwith the run way. And don’t angle too much.

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I know exactly why this happens. The 787 series has some sort of glitch - whenever the nose is off the runway it has a bit of a leftward tendency. Happens on rotation and on landing - even on solo with no wind. Maybe this particular landing could’ve been because of winds, but most likely he is talking about this quirk in the IF 787’s design.


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