ILS Landing In Boeing

I Cant seem to find APR. in the autopilot in the Boeing aircraft. Is there an ILS option for landing these Aircraft. PLEASE HELP…

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The APPR button is always in the same location. Are you sure you set the ILS to NAV 1?

Some aircraft like 747s don’t have APPR function.


Only the B737, B757, B777 and B787 have APPR functionality in Infinite Flight.


Here’s a tutorial on how to use APPR in IF:

A few tips -

  • Make sure that you have tuned the into the ILS for the rwy you are attempting to land at (select NAV1 at the bottom of the ‘runways’ page
  • Ensure that in the NAV page you have switched to NAV1
  • The APPR button should be at the bottom of the A/P page on the right
  • Not all airports/runways are equipped with ILS and therefore APPR will not work

And as said above… not all aircraft have the APPR feature. Check above comments for more details.

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basically most new/somewhat new aircraft

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@Carl_Leslie Welcome to the community!

Though the OP asked only about APPR in Boeing aircraft:

Of course, other types with APPR are the CRJ’s, Airbuses except the A380 (and?), Challenger 350, and DC10’s. (what am I missing?)

The way to check which aircraft has it is just to tune the ILS into NAV1 when looking at the airport map, and then see if the APPR button light comes on or not.

A330F and the A340 lack APPR as well

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Thank you! A bit rusty.

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Thank You all

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