ILS Issues (Extremely Buggy APPR at PHNL ILS 8L)

Hello, this is a weird ILS issue I’ve had from time to time, but this is the first time it has happened consistently. I was controlling as Approach (on expert), and someone was intercepting the ILS 8L @ 50 degrees, but then they suddenly veered right (in a very unordinary manner, I had to give another intercept). I did some testing, and this is what I found. The APPR was veering way to the right of the 50 degrees (it WAS NOT overshooting the LOC), and was making right 360s for some reason (it was pretty funny ngl).

Here’s a replay showcasing what happened: Share My Infinite Flight

Here’s a video that showcases what happens: ILS Issue - YouTube, SKIP to 1:10 to see the intercept (and the crazy 360s that APPR makes). These are 2 different flights cause I didn’t record the flight that I used for uploading the replay. If needed I can also upload the replay of the flight in the video.


  • I sped up the time & my speed at some points to make it faster.
  • If this bug has been reported before, I am unaware of it, so please feel free to redirect me to it. Note: PHNL 4R ILS approach not working seems similar, but I don’t know the circumstances for that and it is for 4R, not 8L (and it was quite a while ago).
  • I am not sure if this is a PHNL-only issue, but I’ve had similar things happen to me in controlled airports when it is very laggy (I’ve had to end flights because of it :(, I also have replays for those available too).
  • The LOC never captured, it was constantly flashing orange (which means the headings shouldn’t even be changing after hitting 50 degrees).
  • This doesn’t happen every time, but there’s a specific point that I’ve been trying at it which has been happening multiple times.
  • This doesn’t seem to be similar to the bug that is present at airports like Doha, which lines you up but not with the runway. This bug literally causes loops of 360s.
  • Sometimes it catches by turning past 50 degrees (even though it’s flashing orange) and then turning back, so that works (even though that’s janky), but then sometimes it just continues turning (and gets stuck in the 360 loops)

It might be an issue with the ILS, similar to OTHH where it’s only the devs that can change it.
I can’t seem to find anything about it, not on the IFC or any of the discord servers

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I don’t think that’s the case. It’s not like it’s aligning with the wrong area or anything, it’s literally just making 360s instead.

Odd because I landed just fine with the ILS 8L earlier today.

Oh that’s weird. Then I don’t know

Yes, it does work, just a specific spot that I’ve found to be buggy/not working. @BennyBoy_Alpha

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If you have the time to check the replay, it has some more information. It showcases the issue, and by using the states tab it can be seen when appr was engaged etc etc.

Here’s also a video that demonstrates it: ILS Issue - YouTube skip to about 1:10 to see the intercept (and the crazy 360s that APPR is making)

The LOC is is narrow. Doesn’t come alive until close to CL.

What does this have to do with the issue, what should be happening is the plane stays wings level until it intercepts. Take a look at what happens during the intercept in the video, it blows past 50 degrees and starts making 360s.

It looks like a coding issue with the AP combined with the narrow LOC. The turn to CL is initiated within the (extended) cone, but doesn’t capture the LOC resulting in the 360’s.

You could test this theory by setting it up the same way again and when the first 180 of the 360 is complete, increase the speed 20-40kts to widen the turn. I bet it will capture the second time.

Only way to avoid this, is to change the nav source, fly the intercept in HDG until the LOC comes alive and then arm APPR Mode.


Hmm okay. I guess that seems plausible. I’m going to dig through my replays though since this has happened to me multiple times at other airports and I believe some of the other times I already reached intercept heading early (but still blew past). Need to check though, another thing is that usually happened when my device was lagging a ton (though now I’m pretty doubtful that actually had anything to do with it).

Hopefully a staff member sees this soon so we know what’s actually happening.

Upon looking at your edited message. Yes, I will test that. And yeah the method to avoid it seems like that would work.

For whatever reason, without HDG Hold active and manually turning to intercept, arming APP goes to a 055 intercept. Dunno if that has any bearing on the issue(s).

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Not sure if that has any bearing (probably not since appr turns itself to intercept so it could’ve just been it trying to do its thing), but yes you’re right about what you said, earlier I increased the speed when it started doing that 360 which widened out the turn and caught the loc. I’m still confused though then, why was the LOC flashing orange when it was making itself turn (doing the 360s). And obviously it doing that in the first place is ridiculous

APPR seems to be coded to initiate a turn simply left or right depending on the orientation to the threshold once the aircraft position is within the theoretical LOC range. Because the LOC width seems too narrow, it creates a gap where one back end function doesn’t take over from the other.

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