ILS issues 737

Is anyone having ILS issues with the 737 not working ? and autoland not working of course ? 3 flights in a row not capturing the ILS.

Do you have replays of the flights so we can see the issues?

Also which airport / runways are you attempting to align the ILS with?

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Are you changing to NAV 1 in the Systems menu?

Yes, always do.

It would be of great help to use this link to share a replay where the issue happened.

Ok. Another question, are you establishing your destination airport as the last waypoint and choosing your arrival runway from the Runways menu?

Don’t have the replays sad to say. The airports were PANC 7R, TJSJ rwy 8, KPBI 10L.

Yes i have.

What altitude, heading, and speed are you entering the localizer at?

I was at the right altitudes and speeds.

What would they be? lol

No idea then. Try going into Solo and do a pattern work around the airport, choosing the same runways.
If you have a screen recorder, you could record the flight, upload it to YT and show it here.

I will try again. Thanks for the ideas.

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It is not required to switch from GPS to Nav1 navigation prior to APPR activation. APPR does that automatically.
You need to have set NAV1 to the desired Runway to make APPR been able to activate, that’s all.
When the desired runway in the airports runway list have the Green NAV1 label and VS in the AP-meine is active APPR could be used. Nothing else required then been close enough to the airport in a feasible attitude an in a roughly fine heading. The APPR in IF is very forgiving since the last updates, it could be even successful activated above the glideslope, you have to set a VS higher then the Glidepath ones to intercept the Glidepath, but it still works.
Reasons to fail are overweight, wrong runway set to NAV1, to fast, to slow, complete wrong heading, no VS set before, to late set to intercept, …
A complete description of Aircraft, Airport, Weight setting, runway setting, relative position when appr is activated, and the status lights of appr for LOC and GS will help to identify where the issue is.
A replay is nice, but did help that much because it does not contain wich runway was set to Nav1 and when the user activated wich part of AP, and what the APPR status lights are showing. A screenrecording with “show touches” activated in IF would help.


Just what Major Tom mentioned ☝️ Read the post

Is it not working vertically or horizontally?
APPR doesn’t work if you are too high. It also doesn’t work if you are intercepting from a very wide angle.
BTW make sure you are not intercepting the opposite runway.

That,s not true. The only thing you need to do to intercept the GS from above is setting a feasible VS that allows to intercept after APPR is engaged.

Selecting a the wrong runway for NAV1 is indeed a failure that seems to be not that uncommon.
For the thread opener I wouldn’t expect this to be the reason as it sounds like he did successfully before.

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