ILS Issue; KSAN Runway 27

Please fix runway 27 on San Diego. That runway only has localiser approach without vertical guidance. They even named it correctly, but it still behaves like an ILS runway. Just remove vertical guidance and pain it white, not red. Thanks.

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Hello there,

Thank you for bringing up this matter. One of our team members has made us aware of this issue and we’ll solve it as soon as we can.


Team Manager

(Next time, make sure to create this kind of topics in #support)


Hi, I’ve looked in the code for a simple solution like an errant glideslope, but have come up empty. What the team appears to have discovered is that localizers must be paired with glideslopes, independent of the code. What this means is that until the necessary changes are made, the Airport Editing Team has done all it can.

Should this not be the case, I’ll reach out with any further discoveries. I apologize for the inconvenience.


Good morning (where I live),

In the database the Navigation editors in the airport editing team are maintain there are separate entry’s for LOC and GP for every airport that has such. Unfortunately IF makes all approaches to appear as if they have both, even when there is only a LOC antenna at the airport in real world and in the above mentioned database.
So this is nothing the airport editing team can change, it is up to IF-LLC to move the step forward from “everything is ILS” to “ILS is the combination of LOC and GP”.
In other words:
It is not a bug, it is a feature.
Please file a feature request for this.
There is a feature request for LDA approaches that I haven’t found yet, that is the same area but not the same.