ILS - incorrect angle?

I know you mentioned you said you looked through some of the tutorials but this one is extremely helpful for those ILS/GPS approaches. I know that this topic that I have linked below is for the APPR mode, and not all aircraft we have include the APPR mode, but its still helpful to utilize some of these techniques when establishing yourself on the approach.

The key point that you might want to make note of is this bullet:

If the approach is not locked, its possible that you can be flying the approach for a near by airport which may be beyond the intended airport of landing.

By selecting the approach and locking the approach, you are able to guarantee that you are flying the correct approach for the specific runway at your intended airport.

If all else fails and you find that the above steps as outlined in the tutorial is still taking you off course, let me know and I can look further into it. Thanks and let me know how things turn out!