ILS... how could I do...

On final approach at KLAX runway 24L, I clearly caught ILS.
Speed was 188kt. Flaps 2. Altitude was 3000ft. Right turn 220 degrees and pushed APPR.

But somehow it didn’t descend just flew around 2800 ft.

Why did it happen?

Mind if you elaborate more on the fact that the aircraft didn’t descend?

Did you set the V/S?

Just a few questions.
Did you have APPR set or NAV?
And when you got to the ALT where you past the inner circle

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Shouldn’t have to set a VS. It should lock the glide slope.

APPR pushed when 3000ft

Were you past the middle circle though?

Sorry what’s the middle circle??

If you were too close it won’t descend it’ll hold ALT, but if you had a VS set again i don’t think it’ll lock on unless you have VS set to 0 someone correct me if i am wrong

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You can’t be above the glide slope. So, if you were at 3k, that’s only relevant if we know how far out you were.

You can activate APPR below the glide slope and it will fly level until it meets it and descend. Not so if you’re above the glide slope when activating APPR.


Right. I was too close at the time right?

Well we don’t know how close you were. That’s why i was talking about the blue rings i forgot what people call them if anything, because if you’re at 3000 ft past the middle one you’ve missed the glide slope

if you can give us your replay than we can check what the problem was

I was here!

You need to be within 30° of the runway heading otherwise it won’t work. Make sure you are on the glideslope as well.

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Pretty sure you missed the glide slope by a long shot, also you entered the ILS cone pretty late, id suggest entering the ils cone at its widest point. Aka the very end, being roughly 3000 FT AGL and be within 30° of the runway heading. and then turn APPR on and you shouldn’t have any issue


Ok. I thought this angle was right.


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