ILS Hold vs LC Hold

What is the difference between the ILS hold and the LC hold.

That is KATL for reference.


ILS Hold = Hold used to mark the ILS critical area- if an aircraft enters this area, it could potentially disrupt ILS radio waves, which is a problem if there’s approaching aircraft. The ILS hold is there so ATC can ‘hold’ them safely out of the area. It is marked like this:

LC here is actually a taxiway name (like LB and LA next to it). There would be a runway hold (the normal hold line to keep aircraft off the runway) there, which dosen’t need to be marked on the chart.


Ah ok that makes sense. There is no command for it but on expert on IF will the controller ever want to have you hold at the ILS hold. He could just say hold position I suppose. 🤔


Controllers will always use the runway hold- there isn’t ILS interference in IF anyway.


Good to know, thank you very much kind sir.

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Bravo Zulu, “


“This graphic explains the difference from a ‘regular’ hold short line and the ‘IMC’ (Intrument Meteorological Conditions), hold short line which keeps the aircraft further back from the runway in LOW VIS conditions.”

“To keep things simple, IMC basically means when the weather is below minimums for VFR (Visual Flight Rule). In this case, for holding short (below 1200 ft AGL “Actual Ground Level”), visual minimums would be:
Daytime - 1 mile (statute) Visibility
Nighttime - 3 mile (statute) Visibility
If you cannot see an aircraft up to 1 mile out during the day and up to 3 miles out at night, that would be IMC weather.”

The ILS hold short line is used during IMC low visibility conditions, more than anything else.


Just curious, of what airfield is that chart from?

I believe it’s KATL.

You are correct that is KATL. I’ll put that in the post.

I had a hard time finding the LC maybe take a Apple Pencil and mark it. :)

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