ILS heading 26L PHNL

Not sure what the exact heading for 26L approach at PHNL is, but it certainly is NOT 305.

Sorry do not get it

What happens when you turn on APPR? Does it go to heading 305 or the actual runway heading? Thanks in advance.

This is correct for 26L/R. PHNL uses a LDA/DME approach to serve those runways.

LDA: A localizer type directional aid (LDA) is a type of localizer-based instrument approach to an airport. It is used in places where, due to terrain and other factors, the localizer antenna array is not aligned with the runway it serves.

The purpose is to guide the pilot to the centerline, although unable to be a precision approach, which in this case is due to the terrain (straight ahead in your picture). Excuse the quality, but here is the approach plate:



I’ll have to see what happens if I engage APPR. Will I turn to 305 or stay on 261.

You’ll stay on 261º, because Infinite Flight does not support these types of approaches.

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Actually, I take that back. Theoretically the ILS location & heading could just be changed to reflect the real world approach, but auto land wouldn’t be able to handle it.

Correct. Visual straight in to 26L is your best bet, although this 26R approach looks quite fun. I hope to see these approaches supported and available someday! :)

Yeah, you could actually follow 304 degrees with the 26R approach locked in on IF. Stay on 304, but follow the glideslope. Then turn inbound with the runway in sight or the localizer “coming alive”.

I don’t have much experience with the approach, most of the time the winds favor 08L and 04R as arrival runways.

I just tried. You can’t make this approach using APPR. You will turn right to 305, and sail off into the sunset.

Correct, this is not supported using APPR. It must be flown manually. :)

Yep. First time I tried this approach. It IS pretty.

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I guess this is not a bug then. Maybe get a note to all advanced ATC if winds ever favor this runway in live.

Just for future reference, you have to wait until all of the pictures upload before posting. Otherwise it will end up as “Uploading…” :)

Oops. Sorry!

So @Tyler_Shelton would this be an example where controllers follow real world procedures or continue the straight-in “fake” ILS approach?

Landed on this runway today on advanced. Didn’t engage APPR but I did notice this and was curious. Funny that someone brought this to attention so soon after

For ease, “enter straight in” would be best.

You can change the heading but IF doesn’t support it.