ILS GS Problem @ KMEM

Device: IPhone SE (New Generation)
Operating system: iOS 14 (?)

During a normal approach on the ILS Runway 18R at KMEM in a FedEx B777F, the GS went completely askew - sent the aircraft straight for the ground.

FPV was almost below the screen at time of crash and APPR showed engagement on the glide slope. Speed was 140 KTS at point of crash. Drop was at roughly 800ft MSL. Point of impact was also at 140 or 160 KTS.


Hey Garret was this in solo?

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Nope. Flight from Tijuana. Pictures were in replay.

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Sometimes the APPR mode does fail meaning the GA randomly does stuff and it happens. It happens to me all of the time and it is something with the game.

I’ve only experienced this in Solo before. Only in the 777 freighter tho.

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Sometimes with the game it glitches and something with the FP, idk just wonks the system up making it happen what happened to you.

If this happens again please report to a high ranked person so they can get it on the list to be fixed.

That’s a crazy find, not sure how the game got this bugged

i think the gs just got confused because of the airport elevation, causing the aircraft to continue the glide path while the aircraft was really headed for the ground.

Unable to reproduce this at any of MEM’s eight runways. Every ILS is working as it should. If I were to guess, it’s not impossible that something about your plane’s configuration or the landing conditions made the APPR unable to hold the descent properly.

My best advice is to see if it happens again. Most likely a one-off instance, in my opinion. If something doesn’t feel right to you having APPR do the job, disengage it and handfly the ILS. That’s honestly the most accurate way to make sure it’s not a problem with the approach itself.


Yeah. That’s what I normally do. I was right before my typical hand-flying stage of landing when the aircraft went down. I should have noticed it earlier, but when I realized it the aircraft was already below airport elevation (the airport is raised above the rest of the scenery around it).

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